10 Reasons Men Are So Loveable

  1. You almost never have to spoon feed them mushy cereal.
  2. When they fall down, they can usually get up on their own.
  3. They CAN be left alone...but only for short periods of time.
  4. It actually is FUN when they get messy . . . with your help.
  5. They CAN dress themselves, you just don't want to take them out that way
  6. They don't whine and whine about having to go someplace they don't want to - oh wait a second . . . hehe . . . nevermind.
  7. They are EASY to put to bed.
  8. Their shoe size doesn't change every two months.
  9. They almost never wake-up when you make a little noise near them (in fact, you can clang cymbols, ring phones, set off alarms and maybe even drop bombs)
  10. Two words - TRASH DAY

Submitted By: Anonymous
Mar 19, 1999 12:50

This joke is rated: PG