20 Years in Prison

Three men an American, an Irish and a polish man were all sentenced for there part in the assassination of the prime minister. Their sentence was to be locked in a big room for twenty years, but they could take one thing in with them.

So the guard asked the American and he said "I'll take my wife, so at least I can have fun" so the guards brought his wife in and locked in the room.
Then the guard asked the Irishman and he said "I need liquor" so he was locked away with 20 years worth of alcohol.
Then the polish guy says "I know what I want I want 20 years worth of cigarettes" so he too got what he wanted and was locked up.

20 years later....

The guards opens the Americans door and out comes him, his wife and a three kids and they're all smiles.
Next they opens the Irishman's door and he's sitting there laughing his ass off and invites the guard in for a drink (he has no clue what day it is).
Next is the polish man. They open the door and he says "anyone got a light?"

Submitted By: Dave Vincent

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Idiots