What Is 3 + 1?

Engineer 4.0000000 x 10^0
Accountant 4, before taxes.
Statistician 95% probability that it falls between 3.9 and 4.0 using student T distributions.
Doctor I will need to do more tests to be sure.
Lawyer How much do you want it to be?
Math Prof. f(x) = 4 u(x) where x>= 0
Marketing We believe that people prefer the number 3 to the number 4, so the answer WILL be 3 !
Computer sales 4, and it is backwards compatible with 3 and 1 too!
Politician We are funding a multimillion dollar research study to best determine how to proceed...
SAT writer 4, unless you do poorly in math (in which case you are correct).
Car Sales 5. But tell you what, I like you, so I will knock it down to 4 (just don't tell my boss.)

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