40 More Years

A 75 year-old woman was one day contacted by God, who told her "I've decided that you shall live another 40 years".

The woman was elated. She was going to enjoy her next 40 years!

She immediately went out and had a nose job, a face lift, a tummy tuck, and her breasts lifted.

To cap it all off she spent an entire day at the beauty parlor getting her hair done, her nails done, and the best damned makeup job ever. She was now ready to live the rest of her life to the hilt!

As she was not 10 feet from the door of the beauty parlor and crossing the street, she was hit by a bus and killled instantly.

Of course she immediately found herself in front of God, and indignantly said "What the hell happened?!!!! You gave me another 40 years!"

God took a look at her and said "Oh, s---! I didn't recognize you!"

Submitted By: Sandy Risoldi
Mar 15, 1998 20:52

This joke is rated: PG