6 Feet Under

HBO Shows 'It'

In a groundbreaking move, HBO's new series Six Feet Under boldly displays 'It'.

"We thought that it was about time to be upfront and simply put It out there. Much entertainment in the film and cable venue simply do not visually acknowledge It. This is a beginning." Stated an HBO spokesman.

Many viewers may wonder if the posthumous erection was indeed real, and not a prosthetic device or product of digital imaging.

"In a brilliant tack, an actual real person was utilized. It was indeed genuine." Stated a co-producer of the show.

"This is disgusting! What ever happened to the days of fully clothed men, and totally naked women?! " Complained one viewer.

"Body parts are an essential element of our series. We hope to take them to a whole new level." Concluded a spokesman.

A viewer poll is underway.

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Submitted By: A F Waddell
Jun 16, 2001 11:39

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