Big Blue Gem From Outter Space

I dreamt that I was in the living room of the home of my teenage years. The house had hardwood floors, chandelier, fireplace, mirrored mantel, french doors that led to the dining room, and Duncan Fife furniture.

I noticed that I had received a big blue gemstone. It looked like lapis. It was beautiful.

It was also huge! Perfectly heartshaped, about ten inches wide and an inch and a half thick, it was wrapped in Saran Wrap.

But where had it come from?!

I tuned in to the tv news. The handsome newscaster with the deep authoritative voice explained:

"Angela, there was an expansion in the universe. An explosion of gases and matter in space created your gemstone. And in other news . . ." He trailed off.

"Oh." I thought.

I perused my gemstone. It was awfully big. Perhaps a jeweler could do something with it!

Submitted By: AF Waddell
Jun 1, 2000 08:42

This joke is rated: PG