Evil Expanding Food

In my dream, people were putting evil expanding food into my refridgerator. In the dream, the expanding food also consciously represented writing and text: Oh no! I had too many words, the words were too big, the words were expanding, I thought.

Complete strangers walked through my apartment, adding the evil expanding food to my fridge. Soon the sides of the fridge began to bulge and bend; the fridge door was forced open. I became worried, as this expanding food would soon become uncontainable. It was a combination of a blob scifi monster and bad leftovers. We obviously could not keep shoving food in there. Soon it could escape and overtake the apartment.

Meanwhile, back in NYC (?!) a movie was being filmed. Stars and extras alike were asked to push a baby carriage past a brownstone. Cher was there; she resembled her character in Moonstruck.


Gratuitous Dream Analysis:

This dream may represent a fear of in-laws forcing leftovers on me. Not the good holiday leftovers either! I'm talking lbs and lbs of fruit. Not fresh fruit either! "Here, dear, have 10 lbs of rotting peaches, I really have no use for them!" Later I ask my husband: "Hon, why did you put like tons o' rotten liquifying fruit in the fridge bins?!" Messy.

The expanding word analogy: must be a case of Editing Anxiety.

The random filmmaking scenario: I have no idea how this relates!

How was YOUR night? ;)

Submitted By: AF Waddell
Jul 5, 2000 08:57

This joke is rated: PG