Flying Dogfish

I dreamt that I was in a kitchen with my husband.

We were discussing having fish for dinner. A huge 20 lb fish lay on a table. It was brown in color, and had a tortoiseshell pattern.

Suddenly I noticed movement in a large food pantry. There was a small flying brown fish, hovering in a corner near the ceiling, like a giant surrealistic moth.

I had a sense of foreboding.

Suddenly the flying fish flew and dove at me. It swooped very close to me. I panicked and flailed my arms. The fish then became larger, sprouted legs and feet, stood near me and began to bark like a dog.

At this point I became more terrified and began to scream for help. I woke up yelling at this point, to the sound of my dog barking. I had upset him. Perhaps his barking had filtered into my dream, triggering the dogfish scenario in the first place.

How was YOUR night? ;)


Submitted By: AF Waddell
Jun 1, 2000 08:41

This joke is rated: PG