Hey! We are Americans damnit! We want, we need, we deserve . . . MORE! (See article: Market THIS!)
Let's discuss the concept of 'More' and how to get it and to keep it, shall we?

Defining More
Merriam Webster defines more as:

more [3] (noun)
First appeared before 12th Century
  1. a greater quantity, number, or amount
  2. something additional : an additional amount
  3. obsolete : persons of higher rank

In addition to obvious human spiritual, emotional, physical needs, I define the need for more as a vague, all encompassing yearning, that we perhaps have been conditioned to experience. Or perhaps the need for more is a spiritual need that has been misfocused upon material things.

In any case, human beings tend to want more, and will often go to extremes to get it.

Love. Validation. Food. Sex. Material Things. Very basic needs seem to motivate us. Very simple thoughts seem to be at the base of our big complicated brains.

And do consider that more and less are relative terms.

Do You Already Have More?

Do you require a large group of people to stroke your ego? Are you able to pay them to do it? Does your square footage exceed 30,000? Do you get lost in your own home? Do you forget the names of your extensive domestic staff? Do you have a 10 car garage? Chances are that you already have more. See: Keeping More.

Do You Really Want More?

Some of us seem to be happy with what we have. Or so I have heard.The grass is always greener. We tend to suspect that we have less than others do; that others have more. People should probably be required to display all of their stuff, and to strip totally naked on the town square. Getting these things out in the open could be very psychologically healthy.

Getting More

Need more love, validation, food, sex, shoes and cars? Of course you do!

Love and validation can be earned, of course. Or one can play complicated games in order to get one's needs met. Whimpering and begging for it could also work.

Food: For many, more food is not difficult to obtain. Keep plenty of it around.

Sex: See: Whimpering And Begging.

Material Things: Consumers need not leave the comfort of their homes. If you need more stuff, it is a few mouse clicks away.

Keeping More

Don't lose that job for chrissake! Not a smart plan. And feel free to tell people: "Hey! Keep your hands off of my stuff! . . . Hey you! Where do you think that you are going with that?!"

Losing More

How does one define losing more? If you discover that you actually had enough in the first place, then you are probably not losing more.

In coping with the actual loss of more, consider that you probably lived before without more; that you may again have more; that more is probably not what it used to be.

Learning To Settle For Less

Materially speaking, more is gone. It became less. You can cope. Cultivate simpler pleasures. Overindulge in food and sex.

In social situations, pretend to still have more. The 'L' word need never come up.

Consider certain philosophies. Use circular reasoning and denial. It has been said that 'less is more'. Therefore, if less IS more, then the polar concepts of more and less do not actually exist, so therefore you do not actually have a problem.

Next Installment: Reclaiming More: Adjustment Issues: Do you really have it? And just how much qualifies as more?

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Feb 6, 2001 06:59

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