New Workout Programs For Men!

It's a fact.

Men are underutilizing a very important human muscle: the tongue!

Hard to believe, when you consider the large amount of talking that many men typically do. That's right! It's not just women who yak until they are blue in the face and short of breath.

Though talking and yakking can be good exercise for the human tongue, it does not seem to provide a totally effective workout. Get the oral equivalent of washboard abs, today! Impress the women in your life with the results of this revolutionary, cutting edge exercise and nutrition technology.

And NOW from RonCo, for a limited time only, YOU can take advantage of The Oral Workout For Men, for only $99.95!


  • Exercises
    • The Wall Pushoff ~ Stand very close to wall. Place forehead against wall. Now, slowly, fully extend your tongue against wall and push off, propelling your head and body backwards. Start with 10 reps and work up to 100.
    • The Tongue Balance ~ On a level solid surface, execute a headstand, making sure that body is in vertical position. Now slowly and carefully arrange your face so that is parallel with the floor. Slowly and fully extend tongue. Discontinue hand and arm support. You should now be balancing on the tip of your tongue. Now, lower and raise. Do 10 reps and work up to 100.
    These are just TWO of our phenomenal tongue exercises!
    ALSO included are:
    • Transporting Others By Tongue
    • The Ball Bounce
    • The Extended Tongue Stick Out :P
    • The Ancient Art Of Tongue Boxing
    • And MORE!
  • Nutritional Support
    Yes it's TRUE! With just the right balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs, specific areas of the human body CAN be targeted, such as the human tongue. With our revolutionary, secret blend of nutritional components, see YOUR tongue double in size, strength and performance capacity, virtually overnight.
  • Motivational Cassette Tape
    Motivational cassette tape.
  • Subliminal Cassette Tape
    ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . )

Act NOW. Order TODAY while supplies last!!
Act NOW. Order TODAY while supplies last!!
Act NOW. Order TODAY while supplies last!

Disclaimer: See physician before starting ANY exercise or nutritional program. The preceding is meant for entertainment purposes only. Do NOT try this at home. Void where prohibited.

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Feb 6, 2001 07:13

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