Sex In The Afterlife

Bill and Ruth were getting on in years. Both were very spiritual people, and believed in the afterlife, and one day they made a pact: Thirty days after one of them died, they would both make an effort to contact each other.

Wouldn't you know it...about 3 months later poor Bill gets hit by a bus and dies. Exactly 30 days later, Ruth goes to the medium and summons the spirits and asks for Bill.

"Ruuuuuth", said the voice.
"Bill, is that you"
"Yes, Honey, it's me"
"So, there is an afterlife. What's it like?"
"What do you mean, Ruth?"
"Well, Honey, tell me what your day is like in the afterlife"
"OK. In the morning, we wake up and have a little sex before breakfast, then we eat, and then, until lunchtime, we have sex. Then we eat lunch, and after lunch, until dinner time, we have more sex. We eat dinner, then have sex until about 11 and then we go to bed."
"Bill, My God!" said Ruth, "I know you always enjoyed sex, but I must say, that doesn't sound like my idea of Heaven!"
"Heaven?! Hell, Honey! I'm a jackrabbit in Arizona!

Submitted By: ATS
Nov 4, 1997 22:32

This joke is rated: PG