Allan Goodwin on Divorce

After the divorce from my fist wife I sent my daughter to a child psychologist.

It's good for the kid and it's good for the parent. It's good for the parent, because the psychologist will tell you stuff before it happens. My daughter's psychologist told me that I should "be prepared" because my daughter might blame herself for the divorce. Well, two weeks later, it happened.

My daughter came up and asked me, "Daddy, if I had behaved better when you were married to Mommy, do you think you would still be married to Mommy?"
I explained, "Sweetie, you were only two years old when we got divorced. You were just a toddler. It wasn't your fault, honey . . .
. . . it was your Mommy's fault! She's a psycho bitch from hell!"

Submitted By: Anonymous
Feb 10, 1999 11:03

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