How To Be An Annoying Usher

  1. Show up drunk. I mean REALLY drunk.
  2. SQUEEZE as many people as you can in each row before opening up the next one. We're going for efficiency here.
  3. Two words: "Bathroom Key"
  4. Insist on frisking all female guests. Body cavity searches are optional.
  5. "March" down the aisle and speak with a German accent as you show people to their seats.
  6. Urinate in front of each row you are about to open up. Make comments about marking your territory.
  7. Pretend you are the Phantom of the Opera. Lurk in the shadows when time permits.
  8. Offer your "services" to all guests.
  9. Offer guests the opportunity to be included in your plans for world domination.
  10. Insist on a pants-free environment.

Submitted By: Robert Klugiewicz
Apr 13, 1997 18:07

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Advice list