The Airplane

A man and woman are on a flight from New York to California. The flight they are on is one that allows people to do whatever they want to. (wouldn't that be great). The man decides to puff on one of his favorite cigars from Cuba, and the woman takes her parrot so that she can continue to teach him to speak. Halfway through the flight the man's cigar starts to really irritate the woman and the parrot starts to really irritate the man. The woman asks the man to throw his cigar out the window, and he agrees as long as the woman throws the bird out also. As much as she loves the bird she cannot stand the cigar smoke so she reluctantly agrees. At the count of three the cigar and bird go flying out the window. At the end of the flight the passengers look out the window and much to their amazement they see the bird doing a perfect landing beside the jumbo jet, and what do you think he had in his mouth?

That's right, the blue brick!!!

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Misc