Bull Balls

This guy goes into a restaurant in Spain with a friend. The guy sees the waiter carrying two large round things on a platter. The guy sees this a couple of times and asks the waiter what the two round things are. The waiter tells the guy that they are bull testicles. He goes on to say that they are a specialty of the house and that they come from the day's loser of the bullfight. He tells the guy that he can put his name on the list and in about three weeks he can come back and have the dish served to him.

After about three weeks the guy goes back to the restaurant and sits down to have his meal. The waiter comes back, but he has these two tiny objects the size of a small walnut. The guy says to the waiter "What the hell are these?"

The waiter replies "Sometimes the bull doesn't always lose!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Animals