The Carpenter's Son

Jesus is welcoming a bunch of people into heaven, when a very old man approaches. Jesus asks if he's lived a good life, to which the man replies yes. Jesus asks what he did for a living. The old man says he was a carpenter. Jesus' eyes widen.
Jesus asks, "Do you have any regrets?"
The man replies, "Just one. That I lost touch with my son."
"I too, have lost touch with my father," says Jesus. "Maybe I can be of some help. Describe him."
"Well," says the old man, "he was given life without the act of sex."
Jesus gets excited.
"And he had holes in his hands."
Jesus yells, "Father!"
The old man yells, "Pinocchio!"

Submitted By: Unknown
Jul 16, 1997 20:28

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Religion