Bad Luck Chain Letter

This letter was written by Joxyl Ozzyfoxyl using Microsoft Word for Windows on a PC. Two days later, his department was dissolved during a hostile takover leaving Joxyl jobless and the PC homeless.

The floppy disk was found by Josh Doesjack during the liquidation of the company assets. After printing this letter, the disk jammed and destroyed the floppy drive and the printer self destructed by strangling itself with the ribbon.

Josh tried to throw out the letter but on the way to the recycling bin it was intercepted by Jane Dogong who typed it neatly on her IBM selectric typewriter. 3 days later, her typewriter was replaced by a word processor that required constant servicing and never worked repliably. Jane's efficiency rating plummeted and her self esteem was irreverably damaged.

One copy of this letter went to John Ackers at IBM. He was caught copying the letter on an office copier and was fired for using office copiers for personal business.

In the charred remains of a cabin, the cause of the fire was determined to be due to a laser printer that overheated while printing this letter.

This letter has been around the world by INTERNET 6 times, causing a wake of destruction and mayhem wherever it stays more than 2 minutes.

Whatever you do, DO NOT COPY THIS LETTER!

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG