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  1. Sears is making a tool in honor of Bill Clinton....the Clintondriver...screws everything guranteed.
  2. Bill must have a screw loose...loose women that is...every night.
  3. "Hi, my name is Bill and I ....."
  4. Which rises faster, elevators at the Empire State Building or Bill Clinton?
  5. Bill's words to Hail to the Chief..."Hail to the chief, he's only wearing a leaf...come on upstairs, it will only be breif!"
  6. Chelsea & Socks, the only things Bill hasn't screwed!
  7. Dictionary Entries:
    1. Pre-vert: Roman Polanski,
    2. Per-vert: Bill Clinton,
    3. Post-vert: Woody Allen
  8. Clinton's Alibi for his behaviour: "As you all know, I won't be president forever. I was studying anatomy for this class..."
  9. Clinton's Second Alibi: "Well my first marriage was only in beta...."
  10. Clinton's Third Alibi: "I was just playing doctor...."
  11. Recent Seamen's Furniture Order: Oval Bed delivered to 1600 Pensylvania Ave. Use back door...
  12. Clinton's Favorite line in a Bruce Springsteen song: "...from the front door to my back seat..."
  13. Clinton's Favorite line in a Door's song: "Oh show me the way to the next little girl..."
  14. Question on a logic test in Harvard: "Which amounts to less: women who have not slept with Clinton or the population of South America?"
  15. Clinton's Fourth Alibi: "I was just looking for the Easter Eggs..."
  16. Clinton's Fifth Alibi: "I was looking for a wire..."
  17. Who? What? Where?
  18. What happens when Clinton visits Chelsea at college? They pass out LOTS of trojans...
  19. Clinton's favorite pickup line: "Would you like to meet the First Penis?"
  20. "But Bill, you said I would get to see the space program and that is NOT Venus!"
  21. Do they have Presidential Seals on the condoms? Soon, everyone will know...
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