Clinton's Tax Return

  1. Expenses incurred during "Diplomatic Missions" to Nevada's "Mustang Ranch."
  2. 365 "Value Meal" business lunches.
  3. Capital gain: Gennifer Flowers; Capital loss: Paula Jones
  4. Colombian "catnip" as prescribed by the First Cat's veterinarian.
  5. Duct tape, rope and locks for Roger's room.
  6. Lincoln's Bedroom listed as Bed and Breakfast in Schedule C.
  7. McDonald's deep fryer, installed in home gym.
  8. Ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt claimed as a dependent.
  9. Bar bill from the "Hail to the Chief Room" at Hooters.
  10. $21,327 to Ronald McDonald House... No, wait-that's just McDonald's.
  11. Hotline to Vatican for emergency confessions.
  12. Chrome busty-babe silhouette mudflaps on Air Force One landing gear.
  13. $10,000 for "I kicked Dole's ass!" bumper stickers.
  14. Three words: Hookers, hookers, hookers!
    This list copyright 1997 by Chris White and Ziff Davis, Inc.
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Dec 9, 1997 23:02

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