Signs The Dallas Cowboys Are Still In Trouble With The Law

The Top 16 Sign The Cowboys Are Still In Trouble With The Law
  1. It's mid-March and they're *still* on the front page.
  2. More coke sold in the locker room than the concession stands.
  3. Prior convictions now listed on backs of trading cards.
  4. Receivers have to check in with parole officer before running deep routes.
  5. To save time, they schedule press conferences to take place during the police lineup.
  6. Instead of "First And Ten," it's "Five to Ten, with time off for good behavior."
  7. Due to parole restrictions, some players are only allowed to play in home games.
  8. "Today's halftime entertainment is brought to you by the Riker's Island Death Row Marching Band."
  9. Cornerback incapable of covering opponents due to poorly phrased restraining order requiring him to stay 50 feet away from anyone wearing "tight pants and spikes."
  10. Players frequently going over to Williams' house to watch "game films."
  11. That kid in the tunnel after the game doesn't want your jersey, he wants a gram.
  12. The Goodyear Blimp has taken to following certain players 24 hours a day.
  13. Spiffy blue and silver uniform replaced with spiffy orange jumpsuits.
  14. Tommy Lee Jones is covering your wide receiver.
  15. Starting quarterback has spent more years at State Pen then he did at Penn State.
  16. Your star running back's new position is "spouse of the man with the most cigarettes."

Submitted By: Jack Forster
Feb 18, 1997 00:08

This joke is rated: PG