Coyote Girl

Have you ever heard of the term "she's a coyote girl?" Here's what it means:

A coyote girl is one of those beat girls that a guy hooks up with and the next morning looks at the ugly beast next to him and thinks "Oh s---! Beer goggles...again!" As he gets up to get the hell out of there he notices that she is sleeping on his arm. He knows if he wakes her she'll try to kiss and other gross stuff. Instead he decides to knaw off his arm like a coyote knaws off legs to escape when stuck in a trap. This offers the best means of escape, albeit one will be a cripple for the rest of his life. A girl that is termed a "double coyote girl" is a real disgusting sight. She's so ugly that one will knaw off his other arm Just so that she will be unable to recognize him.

Submitted By: Pat O'Brien
Aug 25, 1997 17:55

This joke is rated: PG