Miss Cundy's Harbor

A young group of New York City Thespians wrote a play they thought was extremely good. The were anxious to begin rehearsals, but had no place to rehearse. As they pondered their plight one of the young actors said that he had spent his last summer vacation at Cundy's Harbor, Maine. He said that if they could find a building there it would be a delightful place to rehearse. The rest of the group suggested he call the selectman and make inquiry, which he did. With disappointment he reported what he had been told by the selectman: "We don't want a bunch of New York actors ruining our summer!"

As they mulled over their predicament one asked if they had any summer festivites in Cundy's Harbor.
"Well, last year," the young vacationer said, "they had a Miss Cundy's Harbor contest."
Great, said the other, call the guy back and tell him that if he can find a place for us we will give the new Miss Cundy's Harbor a spot in the show. The selectman was delighted with the proposal and guaranteed that the group could have its rehearsals in a large barn just outside of town. Miss Cundy's Harbor was named the fill in for the leading lady and all summer long the young actors learned their skills and lines, including Miss Cundy's Harbor.

They were thrilled with the progress and at the end of the summer had every line down pat. In a goodwill gesture and thank you to the town for accepting them, the group decided to put on a full dress rehearsal for the townspeople. The barn was packed to the rafters. As the curtain was about to be raised, the leading lady became ill and could not go on. the confident Miss Cundy's Harbor was to have her chance in front of the home crowd. The play went on without a hitch and as its end neared, the leading lady, the town's own Miss Cundy's Harbor, was making love to a man, not her husband. As the scene progressed the man's wife enters, brandishing a pistol and fires point blank at her husband's lover.

The husband blurts out his lines, "What have you done, what have you done?"
Seated high on a rafter a burly clam digger hollers out, "I'll tell you what you've done, you've shot and killed the best piece of ass in Cundy's Harbor."

Submitted By: Ed
Mar 26, 1997 14:59

This joke is rated: PG