How 'Bout Them Cowboys?

Q. What do they call a drug ring in Dallas?
A. A huddle.

Q. Who's the new defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys?
A. Johnny Cochran.

Q. What's the Cowboy's new team nickname?
A. South America's team.

Q. Why would the Cowboys have beaten the Packers if they'd gone to Green Bay?
A. Cause the 'Boys have more experience playing in white powder.

Q. What's the difference between the Cowboys and the Cub Scouts?
A. The Cub Scouts have adult supervision.

Q. There are three Dallas Cowboys riding in a car. Who is driving?
A. A police officer.

Q. Did you hear that Emmitt Smith couldn't get into his house, after the Carolina Panther game?
A. Somebody painted an endzone on his front door mat.

Q. Why can't Michael Irvin get into a huddle on the field anymore?
A. It's a parole violation for him to associate with known felons.

Q. Why is Chicago trying to sign Michael Irvin?
A. They got rid of the refrigerator, so now they want a coke machine.

Q. How do the Dallas Cowboys spend their first week at spring training?
A. Studying the Miranda Rights.

The Dallas Cowboys adopted a new "Honor System".
Yes your Honor, No your Honor.

The Cowboys had a 12 and 5 season this year:
12 arrests, 5 convictions.

The Dallas newspapers reported yesterday that Texas Stadium is going to be re-named to "Mile High" Stadium.

Submitted By: Joe Watson
Feb 3, 1997 07:31

This joke is rated: PG
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