Deomocratic Puppies

One day while Bill Clinton was doing his morning jogging he noticed a little boy standing outside the white house gates. As curiosity got him, Bill jogged over to the gates to see what the little boy was doing.

As he approached the gates Bill was taken by suprise when he noticed a sign that said, "Democratic Puppies for Sale". Bill approached the boy and says, "What's up son?".
To which the little boy replied, "I am selling Democratic Puppies, Would you like to buy one Mr. President?".
"No Thanks", Said the President, "but good luck". He then continued on his morning jog.

Thinking about how cute the puppies had been, Bill went to Hillary and told her about the Demoratic Puppies. THey bouth laughed about how cute, "Democratic Puppies". So they decided the next morning to go down to the gate to see about purchasing one of the Puppies. Bill and Hillary were glad to see that the little boy with the puppies was still there.

But to their suprise, when they appoached the boy, they saw the sign but this time it stated "Republican Puppies for sale"
Bill inquired about the sign stating, "Young man, yesterday when I was here you had a sign up stating that there were Democtratic Puppies for sale. Now today it says Republican Puppies for sale. What's the deal?"
To which the little boy replied, "Yes sir Mr. President, But today they all have their eyes open."

Submitted By: Anonymous
Jan 18, 1998 16:09

This joke is rated: G