Things Not To Do In Church

  1. When the priest says "God", you say "That's my name, don't wear it out".
  2. Drink the Holy Water.
  3. Wear a joy buzzer on your hand while giving people the sign of peace.
  4. Steal the wine.
  5. Scream "Bible fight" in the middle of mass.
  6. Make out with your girlfriend / boyfriend in the back pew.
  7. Tell the priest that one of your sins was peeing in the holy water.
  8. When the priest says something in latin, you reply with "Biggus Dickus".
  9. Put Monopoly money in the basket.
  10. Stand when people kneel, kneel when people sit, and sit when people stand.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Mar 9, 1998 09:38

This joke is rated: PG