Dr. Frankenstein And The Hills

Dr. Frankenstein and Igor were working in the lab one night. The doctor says to Igor, "Igor, I need two bodies for my next experiment; a woman and a man. Please go fetch them for me."

Igor sets out immediately on this quest. As incredible luck is with him on this night, he happens upon a recent accident. It appears a sports car had careened off the road killing a husband and wife. He proceeds to drag the couple out of the car and in the process drops their identification. Picking it up, he noticed that their names were George and Martha Hill.

Dr. Frankenstein is very pleased with Igor's find and proceeds with his experiment. "Igor, it is too quiet in here and I can't concentrate. Turn on the stereo." Frankenstein orders.

Igor finds a good station to listen to, and once again Frankenstein is happy.

Igor notices the bodies are starting to twitch and trying to sit up. In horror, he gasps to Dr. Frankenstein, "Look Master! The Hills.....are alive....with the sound of music."

Submitted By: Anonymous
Jun 26, 1998 09:30

This joke is rated: G