Dr. Seusse Pick-Up Lines

  1. "I may not like Green ham or eggs,
    but I sure love your long, thin legs."
  2. "Marvin K. Mooney, will you please come now?!?"
  3. "From far or near or here or there,
    haven't I seen you before somewhere?"
  4. "That's not the only place this Sneetch has a star, Baby."
  5. "Sally from Whoville, what's your sign?
    Let's blow this joint -- your thneed or mine?"
  6. "Y'know, after he stole it, the Grinch hid Christmas --
    in my pants."
  7. "I love someone who knows what wine goes with red fish or blue fish."
  8. "Is that a Cat in your Hat or are you just happy to see me?"
  9. "I hate this place -- the crowd's so phony!
    Say, care to ride me like a pony?"
  10. "My heart ain't the only thing two sizes too large, if you know what I mean."
  11. "On a boat, in a car, with your toes all curled --
    Oh, the places we'll go when I rock your world!"
  12. "How'd you like to be in my next book: 'Great Legs and Ass'?"
  13. "I do not like my wife, you see.
    I do not like her, no sirree.
    Her looks accuse, her words disparage,
    and so we have this open marriage."
  14. "Each book makes a million, a zillion, or three.
    Would you, could you, come home with me?"
  15. "In all of Hooterville, where there's Hooters supreme,
    yours are the best of the Hooters I've seen!"

Submitted By: Joe Nolan
Jul 15, 1997 22:11

This joke is rated: PG