An Even Exchange

A couple was checking out of the hotel after their honeymoon. When the bill was presented an arguement occured.

"What is this item, 200 dollars for meal?" inquired the groom. "We have never eaten in your dining room. All I had was beer inthe suite, with eggs that I brought with me."
"Yes, sir." replied by the manager, "but the wedding package included meals and the food was there for you. If you didn't take them, it's not our fault."
"In that case," retorted by the groom,"we are even, completely even. Because you owe me 200 dollars for making love to my wife!!!"
"But, I never touched your wife!" protested the manager.
"Well, she was there for you," said the groom. "If you didn't use her, it's not my fault!!"

Submitted By: Jojo
Apr 3, 1998 18:06

This joke is rated: PG