The Farmer's Daughters

This old farmer had three daughters, all of whom had their first date on the same night. Being a very jealous man, he waited on the porch with a shotgun for the arrival of these young men.

The first fellow shows up and says:

"Hi! My name is Freddy.
I'm here to see Betty.
We're going to eat Spaghetti.
Is she ready?"

The farmer thinks to himself that Freddy is an alright kid. So he lowers his shotgun and says:
"OK Freddy, Betty is ready to go eat spaghetti."

A while later, the second young man shows up and says:

"Hi! My name is Joe.
I'm here to see Flo.
We're going to the show.
Is she ready to go?"

The old farmer thinks Joe is alright too, so he lowers his shotgun again and says:
"OK, Flo can go to the show with you Joe."

A short time later, the third young man shows up and says:

"Hi! My name is Chuck."

And the old man blows his head off.

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG