Fat Guys Need Love Too

There was this overweight man who desperately searched for the perfect diet. He searched and one day, found a real tempting add in the news-paper. It simply stated that the company guaranteed desired weight loss or 1000.00 back. So he decided to give it a try.

The first day, the weight loss center stuck him in a room with two beautiful blondes buttock naked. They were displaying a sign that read, "Catch me and I am yours for whatever". Well, he tried and after much running, he had lost 20 pounds.

Next time, he was placed in the same room, with 3 lovely gals - 2 blondes and a gorgeous red-head. Same thing, they all had signs on stating if they were caught, he could do whatever. Again, he tried but didn't catch them. But, he did lose another 15 pounds.

Next week, he was placed in another room with a beautiful spanish gal and she had a sign on that sttated- Catch me and I will do you forever. Well, he tried but failed. He lost 10 pounds in the process. Well again, he left empty handed.

The final and 4th week, he only had to lose five more pounds to meet his goal. He had nothing to lose. So, they stuck him in a room and locked the door. Low and behold, there was a 600 pound ugly fat-lady with a sign on her that read, "IF I CATCH YOU, YOU ARE MINE!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG