Finklestein And God

God was walking around Jerusalem. He thought he could use a new robe. He found a tailor named Finklestein who made him a beautiful robe. God said to Finklestein, "What do I owe you?"
Finklestein responded, "You owe me nothing. Just mention as you go around giving sermons that Finklestein made your robe."
God agreed.

A few months later, God was back in Jerusalem and stopped by Finklestein's to see how he was doing. Finklestein said he was very busy making robes and that business was great. Finklestein suggested to God that they go into business together.
God agreed and said that the firm should be called "God and Finklestein."
Finklestein said that it should be "Finklestein and God."
They argued for hours.
Finally they settled on "Lord and Taylor."

Submitted By: Doug Sunshine
Jul 13, 1998 14:26

This joke is rated: G