Things That Would Be Different If The Disciples Had Been Gay

  1. The "Sermon on the Mount" would be a musical.
  2. Jesus would *never* wear white after Labour Day.
  3. Priests would get married... wait a minute... never mind.
  4. The Gospels would be Matthew, Mark, Luke and Bruce.
  5. Mary's hair would be FLAWLESS.
  6. The Temple would not have been cleansed of money changers, just re-decorated.
  7. The water at the Wedding Feast of Canaan would have turned into dry martinis with just a splash of Curacao for colour.
  8. The Triumphal Entry just screams for a drag number.
  9. Replace the "Beatitudes" with "Fabulous are they..."
  10. The Last Supper would have been a brunch.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Mar 8, 1998 13:08

This joke is rated: PG