Old Women Need Love, Too

A 70-year old woman was sitting on her porch when she noticed a dusty old lamp sitting on the ground at her feet. She picked up the lamp and rubbed the dust off. Sure enough, a genie apppeared.
"I will grant you three wishes," the genie boomed.
The old woman said, "I want to be young and beautiful."
POOF - she was gorgeous and young and was feeling great.

"What will be your second wish," the genie asked.
The woman said, "I want to have enoungh money so I will be rich until I die."
POOF- there were huge stacks of $100 bills covering the porch and front yard.

"What will be your last wish," the genie asked. The woman thought a second and then said, "I want you to change my mangy old cat Thomas into a handsome, young prince."
POOF- there was a very handsome man standing next to the woman with ribbons on his smartly dressed chest.

Thomas turned to the woman and said, "Now don't you regret getting me neutered."

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG