God Wins!

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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- American Family Publishers found God in Sumter County. And He may be very, very rich. A sweepstakes notice arrived at the Bushnell Assembly of God earlier this month announcing God, of Bushnell, Fla., was a finalist for the $11 million top prize.

``I always thought he lived here but I didn't actually know,'' said Bill Brack, pastor of the church about 60 miles north of Tampa. ``Now I do. He's got a P.O. box here.''

``God, we've been searching for you,'' American Family wrote in the letter, as first reported by the local weekly newspaper, the Sumter County Times. The message was centered between two round seals requesting God to ``come forward.'' If God were to win, the letter stated, ``What an incredible fortune there would be for God! Could you imagine the looks you'd get from your neighbors? But don't just sit there, God.'' Sweepstakes officials did not return several telephone calls for comment Thursday.

Brack said a youth pastor collected the mail that day and pointed out the addressee. ``I read it in church a couple of weeks ago and everyone got a kick out of it,'' he said. ``It is funny and everybody seemed to enjoy it. It lifted everybody's heart.'' Brack said his 140-person congregation is considering whether to mail in the entry. The church could use the money. If they win, Brack said he'd settle with American Family for 10 percent on the dollar and call it even.

``I'm willing for them to show up here at the church with cameras and me in my bathrobe as long as they write a check.'' he quipped.

And if American Family chooses a different winner?

``God would be disappointed,'' Brack joked.

Submitted By: Mike Runge
Mar 4, 1997 12:29

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