Gorilla Removal

A man arrives home one evening to find a gorilla sitting on his roof. Not knowing what to do, he opens the yellow pages and looks under "gorilla removal". He calls the only listing. A man arrives and takes from his truck the following: a ladder, a bunch of bananas, a big stick, a pair of handcuffs, a Chihuahua and a gun.

The homeowner asks what he's going to do with all that stuff, to which he replies: "I'm going to use the ladder to get on the roof, then I'm going to throw the bananas to the gorilla. While he's busy eating them, I'm going to knock him off the roof with this stick. When he hits the ground the Chihuahua is going to bite him in the groin, at which time the gorilla will throw his hands in the air, and you slap the cuffs on him."
The homeowner asks, "what about the gun?"
The man hands the gun to him and says, "Sometimes the gorilla knocks me off the roof. If that happens, you shoot the Chihuahua!"

Submitted By: Anonymous
Oct 5, 1998 14:25

This joke is rated: PG