Wow! That's Pretty Big

It seems there was this woman that had to visit the gynecologist. She goes into the doctors office, gets up on the table, and gets her feet into the stirrups. The doctor walks in and proceeds with the examination. He looks at her crotch, then up at her, then back at her crotch, and begins shaking his head.
"What's wrong doctor?", the woman asks.
"Well, mam, i don't know how to tell you this, but you have got the biggest damn vagina i have ever seen !"
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN ?!", the woman exclaims indignantly.
"Well...i'm sorry, but it is absolutely HUGE !"

With that, the woman, who is very flustered, jumps up off the table and puts her clothes on and dashes out the door. On her ride home, she talks to herself:

"Well...i will just have to see about dare he say i have a huge vagina!"
The woman arrives home and runs into the bedroom. she grabs the full length mirror off the wall and lays it on the floor, undresses and stradles the mirror. She begins to squat down over the mirror to get a good look at her snatch when her husband comes into the room.

"HONEY ! what the hell are you doing ?"
The woman, being quite embarrassed, replies "uhh..uhh..aerobics"

The husband shakes his head and says, "Well...ok, just make sure you don't fall in that big HOLE in the floor."

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG