Top Ten Signs Hillary Clinton Doesn't Understand New York City

  1. Actually ate a street vendor hot dog.
  2. Sees Statue of Liberty and asks, "Oh, is that new?"
  3. Believes the Mets can take it all the way this year.
  4. Gave speech to Hasidic Jews in which she promised to "fight for the rights of you Amish folk."
  5. Had an exploratory committee look into what an extended middle finger means.
  6. Looks at Twin Towers, rubs eyes and yells, "Dang! Mama's seeing things!"
  7. Keeps asking when she'll get to meet Batman.
  8. Featured guest at her fundraisers: Reggie Miller.
  9. Thinks the "subway" is just some place Bill takes her for their anniversary dinner.
  10. Paid $25,000 for a sidewalk Rolex.

Submitted By: Allison Estin
Jul 20, 1999 15:29

This joke is rated: PG