The Hobo And The Talking Dog

This Hobo walks into a bar with his dog. The bartender looks at him and says, "you can't bring a dog in here. Get him outta my bar."
The hobo says, "But this here's a talking dog."
"Gimme a drink and I'll show you."

So, the bartender figures he'll humor the poor man and gets hima drink. The hobo drinks it down and then turns to the dog.
"What is this above your head?"
The dog looks up and around and replies, "Roof."

The Bartender was pissed. "All dogs say, 'roof.' What are you tryin' ta pull? Get the hell outta my bar."
"But wait," replied the hobo. "Gimme just one more chance. Buy me another beer and I'll get him to talk again."
"Ok. But if he doesn't talk, you're outta here." The bartender, then, bought him another beer.

The hobo drinks down the beer and turns to his dog.
"Who was the greatest Baseball player of all time?"
The dog thinks about it a bit and replies, "Ruth."

"That's it." The bartender is really mad this time. "Get the hell outta my bar!" He came around to the front, picked up the hobo and threw him out of the bar and kicked the dog out the front door.

So, as the hobo and the dog lay outside the bar on the sidewalk, the hobo was leaning against the wall of the bar and the dog walks up to him. The dog sniffed the hobo's face, looked at him and said, "DiMaggio?"

Submitted By: Gino
Jul 21, 1997 10:40

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Alcohol Misc