Hog Breeding

A farmer wanted to breed his hogs, so he called the local vet and asked how much for AI (artificial insemination), the doctor quoted $50 each.
"$50.00 each!" said the farmer, "I can't afford that!"
The vet, knowing he was the only vet in town, laughed and said, "well then, do it yourself!"
The farmer, not being to bright said, " I just might!".

So the next day he got up quite early, rastled up the hogs, and drove to the back pasture. Their he spent all day doin' each one until his dick hurt. At the end of the day he packed them back up into the back of the truck and drove back to the house. He called the vet that night after he got back and asked, "when do you know if they are bred?"
The vet said "when they start actin' funny." He was quite confused because as you remember he was the only vet in town....

The next day the farmer asked his wife to look out the window to check the hogs, nothing different. So he continued to pile them up into the back of the truck every day that week, taking them out to the back field and doin' them, and everyday his wife said nothing changed. One day he had an idea, he had to change how he was doing it, so in the back pasture he used whips and chains, 69, every possoble position, until he was satisfied they were bred. The next morning he asked his wife again to check if the hogs were acting different.

"Yeah" she said, " they are all piled in the back of the truck waitin' for you, and one's behind the wheel of the truck honkin'"......

Submitted By: David Vincent

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Animals