Hoppy The Bunny

Bob was very proud of his new dog, a beautiful golden retriever. But, alas, one afternoon, not long after buying the dog, Bob looked out of the kitchen window, and there stood Sunshine, with the bloody remains of Bob's close neighbor Frank's favorite bunny.

Bob quickly ran out, grabbed the wet, bloody fur ball, ran into the house and proceeded to wash, blow dry, and fluff up what was left.

Late that night, Bob stealthily sneaked into Frank's back yard, and very quietly opened the empty rabbit hutch. He placed his coiffed masterpiece into the hutch, slid the clasp shut, and again very quietly and quickly returned home.

At daybreak, the next day, bob was awakened by an uproar in his front yard. Slipping on his robe, he rushed to the door, opened it, and found Frank standing there in an outrage.

"We have really got some sick-o bastards in this neighborhood, Bob. My favorite bunny, Hoppy, died three days ago, and I buried him in my back yard. Last night, so jerk went and dug up the remains and put them back in Hoppy's hutch!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG
Tags: Animals