The Horny Rooster

Farmer Bob has a farm. On his farm he has chickens, many chickens. Unforunately all of Bob's roosters died from some diesease. Bob was faced with a problem. His chickens had to get laid in order to lay eggs. So Bob decided to call up his cousin, farmer Fred and ask for some rousters for his farm. Fred was glad to help and said, "Bob, don't worry, by the end of the week all your chickens will get laid."

Next day a package arrives to Bob's farm. Bob looks inside and sees one rooster. Immediately he calls up Fred agian and says, "Hey Fred, why did you only send me one rooster. You know I have hundreds of chickens."
"Don't worry," said Fred, "This is a special rooster. It will get the job done."

Fred goes back outside, opens the box, and sure enough, the rooster starts the job it was sent to do. Immediately it runs in the pen, and starts f---ing. One by one the rooster f---s every chicken. "That's one horny rooster," Bob said to himself.

Suddenly Bob spots the rooster running out of the pen and heading for the cows. It then starts f---ing the cows. Then, the rooster heads for the sheep. Sure enough, the rooster f---s the sheep. "Stop!" yelled Bob at the rooster, "if you keep on f---in you will die!"

The rooster doesn't listen and keeps on f---ing. He f---ed the horses, the dogs, the ants, an aarmadilo, the bull. It then headed for the house. It f---ed Bob's wife, his daughter, his two sons, and even the kitchen sink. It was going for Bob next, but Bob had a rifle.

"STOP, you stupid rooser" screamed Bob, "you are going to die." Again the rooster didn't listen and started running toward the dessert. There it f---ed snakes, crabs, what ever it could find. Bob was running after him. Suddenly Bob spotted the rooster laying motionless in the middle of the dessert with a vulture circuling around it.

"See, you dumb rooster, I told you you'll die."
"Shhhh!," said the rooster. "See that vulture up there. As soon as it comes down, it's mine!"

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG