How To Handle Adult Mail Spam

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the letter you sent informing me of your Adult Web site. My brothers and sisters weren't too happy with your site's contents.

I was able to find your home address, thanks to the new altar boy that just moved into town. We contacted your local parish and the local Reverend was shocked at the business you are running.

He told me that he will be sure to talk to the fellowship and see that you attend the next prayer meeting. He has reserved this Sunday night at 7 so that you can explain your business to the fellowship.

I have subscribed you to the E-PRAYER listserve group, which will bring you 200 holy e-mail messages everyday.

There is no need to thank me. The Lord works in wondrous way! Your sending that e-mail to me was the Lord telling me that you are calling for help.

--Father McDonnell

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Sep 1, 1999 12:45

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