I Love Bowling

Dear Mom,

I am so excited. I met this terrific guy at church last Sunday and he's taught me everything there is to know about bowling... and is it a fun game!

First he took me to his apartment to see his ten pin. This puzzled me at first as I thought bowling had something to do with ten pins not one ten-pin. He said it was best to begin with one; but I could try 10 later when I was experienced.

He asked if I would like to polish his ten-pin and balls. I said sure so he took them out for me to see. Mom, he has the nicest little bowling bag with 2 balls in it...but he didn't want me to take them out of the bag. I looked around for a cloth to polish with but couldn't find any. He said I could just use my tongue and I did.

As soon as I started that his ten-pin got super hard and big...I wondered if it would be fun to suck on and it was! he started moaning, though, so I had to stop. He told me to go ahead please as that was the best way to get the polish out. So I licked and I sucked and he moaned and I sucked. Suddenly my mouth was filled with his polish. I was so excited I swallowed the polish, but he didn't mind, he said we could make more after a few minutes.

Then he said that I had a few bowling features, too---how come you and daddy never told me about them? He showed me my reset buttons on my chest and my very own bowling alley...and I didn't even know what they were for! He started playing with my reset buttons, first with his hands, then his tongue, then his hands, his tongue...I tried to lay still for him but my body started writhing around and I started moaning too...ooh it felt good!

Then he checked out my alley and said he would eat a little before he threw a strike. When he started eating I nearly died! My eyes were crossing and my toes curled up so tight they hurt...but felt good too! My whole body was electrified with excitement, every muscle trembled at once!

He had finished his snack, but I was now hungry so I started to go after his special polish. I licked one ball and then the other. I took his ten-pin deep into my mouth and started to suck. But he said to stop. He wanted to polish my alley with his ten-pin. I thought my alley had been polished pretty well already but I wasn't going to tell him, cuz I was ready for more. He thrust his hot hard pin deep into my alley and literally took my breath away for a momment. Then he started thrusting again and again. I LOVED it ! My whole body started to go crazy again! I was squirming and writhing underneath him while he worked and I felt like I was spinning higher and higher. I knew I was moaning and yelling, but I couldn't stop. It was so intense! He took me up, up, up to somewhere I've never been before...and I aim to go back again!

He said he'd take me there as often as I wanted; but he needed a little rest first.

Well mom, I really enjoyed bowling with him. But I just don't understand. Why do some people think bowling is dull?

with love,


Submitted By: Anonymous
Jan 1, 1998 13:45

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