I Missed!

There's this Preist who goes golfing with a Nun. On about the tenth hole, he misses a crucial put to tie the Nun, and he says, "God dammit! I missed."
The Nuns are all freaked out and ell the father that he shouldn't say the lords name in vain, or the father would be struck by lightning. Then on the 14th hole, the father misses another putt to tie the Nun, and again he said, "God dammit! I missed."
Then the Nun explains to the father again that if he takes the lords name in vain too many times, the father would be struck down by lightning. Finally, on the 18th hole, the father misses a putt resulting in a loss to the Nun and again says, "God dammit! I missed."

Then from the sky, a bolt of lightning comes down and strikes the Nun dead. Then a voice fron the sky spoke "God dammit! I missed."

Submitted By: Jack Forster
Feb 18, 1997 11:23

This joke is rated: PG