The Indian In The Brothel

An indian walks into a brothel to experience his first sexual trist.
The madam says, "yes,may i help you?"
The indian responds, "me wantum woman!"
"very well" says the madam. "do you have money?"
The indian says-"me havum money!"
"do you have experience?" Asks the madam.
"no,me no havum experience" replies the indian.
"listen honey,these girls are professionals! I can't turn one loose on an unexperienced man like you!"
Just as the indian turns away the madam shouts, "wait, i have an idea! We have a tree in the back yard! The tree has a knot hole in it, why don't tou practice on the tree tonight and i'll let you have a woman tomorrow!" The indian readily agrees.

The following morning the indian reappears at the brothel. "ah, you're back!" Says the madam "do you have experience?"
"oh ho, me havum experience!" Says the indian.
"alright,go up those stairs to the last door on your right and bambi will take care of you!" The indian rushes up the stairs happily.

Five minutes later a womans scream comes from the room. Several men in the house rush upstairs and kick open the door! There they find the indian chasing the hooker around the room with a broomstick! "what the hell are you doing?" Asks one of the men.
"me no fool" says the indian-" me checkum for bees first!"

Submitted By: PISTONHIPS
Sep 12, 1997 21:41

This joke is rated: PG