Irish Cabbie

Late for a return flight from Dublin, an American tourist in Ireland jumped into a cab. "Quick," he said, "get me to the airport as fast as you can!" The cabbie nodded and floored the gas pedal. Soon they were barreling along at more than 70 miles an hour.

Just ahead a stoplight was bright red. The cab shot through the intersection without slowing down in the slightest. "Are you blind?" shouted the tourist. "That was a red light!"
The cabbie was unfazed. "I don't believe in red lights, sir, nor do any of my five cab-driving brothers."
After two more hair-raising hurtles through red lights, the tourist was relieved to see a green light. But right before the intersection, the cabbie slammed on the brakes.
"Are you insane?" yelled the passenger. "That was a green light!"
"True, sir," replied the cabbie, "But you never know when one of my brothers may be coming through."

Submitted By: Robert Klugiewicz
Jul 30, 1997 20:05

This joke is rated: PG