An Italian Visit To The Zoo

Once upon a time, an Italian family went to the zoo. Papa went to the bathroom while Mama and daughter were looking at the elephants. The little girl asked, "Mama, whatsa that thing hanging a'down from thata elephant?."
Mama replied, "Thatsa his trunka".
The girl said, "No, mama, whatsa that other thing?".
Mama answered, "Oh, thatsa is TAIL."
"NO, Mama", the girl said, "what's that OTHER THING!?".
After a few embarrassed seconds, Mama said, "Oh, that's a-nothing."

Mama went to the bathroom when Papa returned, and the daughter asked the same questions. "Papa, whatsa that thing hanging down from thata elephanta?".
"Oh, thatsa hees TRUNKA".
"NO, Papa, whatsa the OTHER thing?"
"Oh, thatsa hees TAIL".
"NOOOOO, PAPA. THAT thing right THERE on THAT ELEPHANT!!!!!" (Daugher is gesturing and pointing wildly by now).
"Oh, thatsa his "penis".
The little girl said innocently, "Mama said it was "nothing".

The father grabbed himself (in the traditional Italian gesture) and said, "Thats a because Mama's a SPOILED".

Submitted By: David Vincent

This joke is rated: PG