Killed The Pig

Bill Clinton's limo is driving along a back country road on the way back to Washington from camp david, when all of a sudden a pig jumps out in front of the limo. Bill, upset, tells the chauffeur to drive to the nearest farm house so he can pay for the damages and apologize.

They arrive at the farm house up the road, and clinton tells the driver to go inside and tell the farmer and his wife what happened.

2 hours later, the driver emerges from the door with his clothes in disarray, a brown paper bag, and a huge smile across his face.

Bill wants to know what happened. The driver tells him "I went inside, they made me a nice steak, then the parents introduced me to their 24 year old daughter who was a finalist in the miss america pageant, they left us alone to have sex for an hour, and when I was finished, I came downstairs and the mother had this bag of cookies for me.
Bill says "What did you tell them?"
The driver replies "I told them I was Bill Clinton's driver, and that I just killed the pig"

Submitted By: Anonymous
Jul 16, 1998 08:10

This joke is rated: PG