The Lone Ranger Gets Captured

The lone ranger gets captured by the Apache Indians. They inform Lone that before they kill him they will give him one wish. Lone says, "I want to talk to Silver (his horse, of course). So he walks over to Silver and wispers some thing into his ear and Silver runs off across the plains. About a half hour later, Silver returns with a very beautiful naked blonde woman on his back.

The Indians were very impressed with this and decided to give him fifteen minutes with the blonde and another wish.

Lone went with the blonde and when he returned the Indians asked, "What do you want for your second wish". Lone said, "I want to talk to Silver". Lone again whispered into Silvers ear and Silver ran across the plains. Returning about a half hour later, Silver had a georgous naked redhead on his back. The Indians gave him fifteen minutes with this redhead.

The Indians thought that it was so noble of this white man to want these beautiful women as his dying wish that they decided to give him just one more wish. Lone said, "I want to talk to Silver".

This time Lone walked over to Silver and tugged rather hard on his mane and kind of cranked his head into an awkward position and said, " I said 'posse' You stupid animal, 'posse'.

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG