Marked Car

When Merle stopped in the huge airport parking lot to pick up his wife, he wanted to mark his popularly colored car so he could find it easily. He couldn't find anything in the car, then noticed a small balloon tied to the antenna of another car. He thought of a condom he carried, blew it up, tied it off and started to attach it to his antenna. Then he thought, how would he explain that to his wife. So he tied it on the antenna of the car parked next to his. After he headed for the terminal a passing environmentalist noticed the use of the unusual marker, took out his magic marker and wrote "recycled" on the condom. A few minutes later Father Murphy, returning with a couple of nuns, blinked a few times at his car's antenna, and came close to declaring that someone must have stolen his car.

Submitted By: Anonymous

This joke is rated: PG